Paul, the sheep and 101 advantages BB19

Jessie in BB11 was one returning player in a cast of all new players. Jessie got HOH, nothing more.

Paul has gotten more advantages than anyone who has ever played the game. Not by a little, but by A LOT!

Paul got secret safety for 3 weeks/4 evictions

Never before has safety been secret and it exposed Cody’s game, making him a target

AND…. Paul could still compete in HOH & POV. Again, something that has NEVER been done before.

Friendship bracelets, making half the house safe & giving him an alliance to start the game. Some of you try to tell me.. but the people who didn’t get the bracelets wanted him out. Bullshit, 5 minutes later Paul says, Sorry but I didn’t know you then, but now you’re my #1. And that was that.

The producers front loaded the season with comps Paul had won on BB17. They also included a comp he hosted on BBOTT. Paul was asking everyone to throw him the HOH for days before the HOH and magically the producers put in the only HOH comp ever, that other HG’s could actually help another person win HOH

The producers let a letter from home get to Paul, which was very obviously a coded letter.

They cast Raven who knew Paul prior to BB19.

Paul said on the feeds that the producers put the golden apple in the first comp for him.

This also doesn’t even mention the DR manipulation going on.

I like Paul last season and he should have won over Nicole, hands down, no question. But he came into this season with an over inflated ego that is out of control, which has made him a little dictator in the house and very unlikable. He treats people in his own alliance like shit. These idiots let him have their HOH etc…

This season is full of sheep, nothing but followers, not one of them will stand up to Paul (not counting Jody)

Paul has spent the entire first half of the game targeting one person, Cody. Because Cody was exposed for targeting Paul when Paul had the “secret” safety. He got his target out once, but has had an impossible time trying to get him out a 2nd time, even with 95% of the house playing for him. My daughter was with one of the worst alliances ever in BB13, yet got Brendon out twice in 3 weeks (I believe that is right)

Ask yourself this… If Paul was in Cody’s place the first week, would production have made him nominate 5 different HG’s? Or would they have called no eviction after Megan quit?

This season is so rigged for Paul it’s really hard to watch…

Has Paul played a good game? The answer is yes. But I think even some of the worst BB players ever could be controlling this season with all the advantages given to Paul.

What I used to love about Big Brother was that it was an even playing field. It’s not anymore. Powers weren’t handed out by the producers, under the guise of fake voting polls. Everyone had a chance at them. Remember in All Stars, when the Coup D’etat was up for grabs? Anyone could have won it, it wasn’t just given to whoever production wanted to push forward in the game.

I understand the producers want to keep their jobs, earning their enormous paychecks for the unforeseeable future, trying to insure they get ratings, ratings are money. So they try to help the game along, keeping in popular or controversial players in the game. But ever season they have gotten bolder and bolder with their advantages every season. It started with a comp do over in All Stars because Erika was going to target Janelle. Progressed in BB8 with America’s Player. Then letting Dan take a jury member on a helicopter ride to a private island. To Pandora’s Box, which was nothing but a production manipulation tool, to help players they wanted to push forward or fuck players they didn’t. And it goes on and on and gets worse every season…

Houseguests now have to use the double eviction as a way to do what they want without production interference. There is no time for DR’s to change someone’s mind, or get them to do something opposite of what they were planning to do. There is no time to throw in some kind of twist to save the player they have been trying to protect all season long.

The problem is, that instead of producing good winners, new school BB has now produced some of the worst winners in the game’s history.

There is no integrity left in the game.

When in BB14 when Frank was thinking of backdooring Dan. All of a sudden you see Dan in the DR saying 4 or 5 times, Frank could backdoor me, over and over. That is because the DR is constantly asking Dan if he thinks Frank will backdoor him. Not taking anything away from Dan, he’s a smart guy and I’m sure thought about it. But when the DR is pounding you over the head with it, you know something is up.

Guaranteed the DR worked these HG’s like a crackhead trying to get that last hit out of an empty pipe…



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  • SammyD on

    Truth spoken. I thought I was crazy for thinking of some of this but looks like I was right

  • Sherry Wheat on

    You are 100% right and I’ve been saying it all along. I’m so sick of Paul’s puppets. Production made it for Paul to win BB19 so they might as well just hand him the damn check.

    • Josette on

      Yes, Cody went home tonight. Jess is gone. No one worth watching unless you like floating bullying sheep. Never saw a worse BB. If I watch again, it will be to see Paul evicted. BB ruined this bringing Paul back and sabotaging Jody, the only good players. Paul would have been gone his first week in if BB had not set it up for Paul to win. This season sucked. If this is the way BB wants to run their show, they can keep it to themselves.

  • Michelle Hairston on

    Best analysis ever! Exactly what I’ve said repeatedly. BB has ABSOLUTELY created several of the worst, most undeserving winners as a result of production manipulating the game so severely.

    A perfect example is Josh. He should be disqualified. WATCH LINK BELOW! Its a video of him admitting that his mom’s letter let him know that he’s being trashed in the public eye so he needed to change how he was acting. THE LETTERS ARE NOT SUPPOSE TO INFLUENCE GAME PLAY WHATSOEVER.

    After his mom’s letter, Josh totally changed from being the bully to playing the victim. Then he told the whole house that they were being pertrayed as the bullies. So on BBAD, Paul has them all talking constantly about Jess and Cody being the REAL bullies. They all sit around lying, making shit up, all to try to convince America that they arent the true bullies. JOSH’S MOM’S LETTER CHANGED THE TRAJECTORY OF THE ENTIRE GAME AND THATS BULLSHIT. Im

    Theres no question in my mind that production played a role in it because they are being trashed on social media for allowing Josh, led by Paul, to bully so severely. Production covers their ass by making it look like its a two-way street. This is a concocted & concerted effort orchestrated by these con artists & production to save their asses from the justified ridicule from the public. BB is doing damage control at the expense of Jess and Cody because everyone demanded that Josh be removed from house for his attacks on Jess, Cody & Mark. Its truly sickening how much production has destroyed this season.

    Watch this video of Josh saying his mom’s letter let him know that America was against him for being a bully:

    • Sally on

      The video link is not valid anymore. I watch the live feeds, and I did not even catch onto that when he said it. Thank you for pointing it out.

  • Michelle Hairston on

    Excellent! Agree completely!

  • Gracie Davis on

    Well said thanks

  • Samantha on

    You are on point about everything. This season is complete crap. What’s worse is how easily these people are manipulated.

  • Chelsea on

    Gosh I agree with this 10000%. It’s so aggravating and painful to even watch Big Brother this season. Once Cody is gone, I honestly don’t know whether to continue watching. The entire house just sits on their butts and does whatever Paul wants them to do. And there is a pecking order established that they don’t even seem to realize. Their target will be Cody, Mark, Elena, and then what? They all act like they are all in this perfectly safe group, but once those 3 are gone you are gonna have to go after each other. And at that point they still won’t go after Paul. He got in 2nd place last year and you idiots are gonna let him win this year. Ugh. And watching Paul walk around all high and mighty drvies me nuts. Not that his game is bad, but it’s a whole heck of a lot easier when you have been given all the special treatment he has been given. I have watched Big Brother since season 4 and it definitely is not the same show anymore. So disappointing. You and Dr. Wil are my favorite players. When I go back and watch the good ol’ days of Big Brother, this new crap just doesn’t even compare. Doesn’t come close.

    • Mary on

      Every single one of them left in the house think they are Paul’s ride and die and he will definitely take them to the Final 2

  • Albert on

    Thank you. It’s fucking awful and this season is complete bull shit. I applied for BB19 and they asked me to complete another video because they had probs with the first one I uploaded and if I was in that house I’d backdoor Paul immediately but I’d never tell a soul because Paul would find out from production and I’d try to work with him at first to make him think we’re on good terms. These people in the house are his puppets and it’s crazy they don’t mind if he wins.

  • Catrina on

    I’ve always wondered how much influence production has on the houseguests. Dick, do you think they actually give info, or are they just ‘planting the seed’? I thought Paul played a good game last season, but to me, this season is more about how BAD the other players are than how good Paul is.

  • Irish on

    you are right on the money with this one . As a huge fan of bb this season sucks big time. I wish you were in there to put Paul in his place. So sick of him.

  • Marcia on

    agree, I posted something like this in in-depth, on jokers, and there is a strong philological effect of that safety, people don’t seem to want to acknowledge, for about a month, Paul was untouchable, so its either join him or leave, and once they join they justify it. Even to the point of saying hey I just want jury and he got me there. Ridiculous !!!!
    it reminds me a bit of Stockholm attitude, and there is a very strong pull people watching don’t seem to want to acknowledge, its just easier to call the HGs dumb followers, and say to themselves oh I would do it different.. LOL

  • Andrew on

    I don’t know if this is true, but apparently Cody said on the live feeds that production pushed him to backdoor Paul when he wasn’t sure about it, without telling him Paul had safety.

  • Jenny dwyer on

    This is so good and so true and I never seen it until u pointed it out

  • Mmjovifan on

    You are spot on with all of your comments. Thank you for posting. I hope the BB producers read your blog.

  • Jerry Busone on


    I don’t know much about production and have been following the show since season 3.I have watched every season this year not as much
    I’ve been in the mix for a cast member last few seasons … thought this was it
    I have had the pleasure of meeting you and many HG even Two from BB19 recently I’ve never heard so much feedback from them on how they are disappointed with the season ban past years
    The ratings must be through the roof … what I can’t understand Any super fan knows you lay low first third of season make alliances and plan to evict vets and split showmances in the second leg back stretch you clean up the power and figure out who is best to go to the end with …. How do the basic 101 lessons get lost after they get into the house I do know strategies are hour by hour day by day week to week but haven’t seen much the game has morphed to an entertainment show like a doll house ba a competition
    This cast was marvelously put together props to Robyn . I’d have loved to be there BUT we might never see their real character as it’s lost in Vet worship
    So I’m looking to change my mindset on the game and see if it’s something I’d be interested in viewing
    for entertainment value
    Best to you …

  • Diane carr on

    I completely agree with everything you said . With the advantages Paul has had anyone would be in the same place as him! I’ve always loved the psychological aspect of the game between players but there is none of that because of the advantages given . No one will make a move against Paul. Ruined the game. I didn’t watch the Winter version and I may not watch the summer again if this is how it’s gonna be played . I have watched BB every season except last Winters and Im every sad to see where it’s gone. Paul needs to go so we can see if any of the others have any game in them.

  • Drake on

    Bahahhahaha, what a hilarious and completely factual blog, couldn’t agree more with its content on the producers and houseguests.

  • Tina on

    Coming from someone who has actually played the game, confirms Everything I have been thinking.. thank you.

  • vanessa on

    totally agree, thought Jody after they exposed him (cody) and when jessica got powers they should have made hers last weeks then house would have flipped and been back to a game, now its just do what paul says, used to like him, now i am just tried of looking at him in his underwear

  • Fran Gyomory on

    Miss you Dick. You reminded of my younger brother. So many people said this upon seeing you. You played a great game and drove some house guests BUT you never got everyone in the house to bully and disrespect one person. Paul and his minions even challenged Codys’ military record. Bullshit from mindless minions! Take care Dick.

  • Jennifer Jones on

    No truer words have ever been blogged.

  • Marissa on

    Agreed, this season is disgusting. #UnREAL

  • Fawn on

    Well said! I am very disappointed BB lately. Too much production! I’ve watched all 18 1/2 seasons. I’m not glued to my computer like I was the first 8 seasons. I just don’t like watching these people in BB19. It’s a mob mentality and they “just want to get to Jury” bunch of crap! Why not just hand the check to Paul and be done with it?

  • Teresa on

    You are so right! This is the Paul Show and it’s the WORSE season EVER! Hating it . Don’t think I’ll finish
    The rest of the season.

  • Teresa on

    Also wanted to add that this is the dumbest, nastiest
    group ever. Hated the house playing against and bullying
    One or two players. Just nasty people!

  • Angel on

    I found BB when season 8 ( your season) aired. And i fell in love with this show but this season makes me not want to watch. I hate what it has become.

  • Sheryl on

    I agree with everything said ! I am so sick of this season , I’m not renewing my cbs assess ever again! People are just flat out mean ! Right now the world needs to stop bullying and here we have Adults doing it over and over ! Even for this game it’s wrong! Its not fun to watch when the game is so manipulated! I’m sure it is true they told Cody to put up Paul when they knew he had safety ! I’m just plan done! And I’m very disgusted by this whole season!

    I wish you and your daughter were back in the BB house! I wish your family the best! I wish CBS would stop the bullshit!

  • Candace Hill on

    As always spot on analysis from Big Brother’s greatest winner!!!

  • Yetta on

    Cody has called them “groupies,” but he has failed to loudly spell it out: are they there to WIN or are they there to escort and carry Paul to f2? They are idiots and need that repeated over and over so they get it. I have no doubt that if any of the remaining players are in the f3 they would choose Paul for f2 and gleefully allow him to win. They have taken the Kool-Aid.

  • Lettie on

    Dominique called Paul a snake, and not one of those geniuses in the house have put two and two together and come up with the same conclusion. They all deserve to go jury house leaving Paul as the last man standing.

  • TJ on

    Great to see someone of BB stature saying this.

    Not only did Paul get a ridiculous amount of advantages, but his opponents (except Jody) appear to be intentionally “putting him over” like wrestling jobbers.

    After reading this, I now understand why Paul was so hell bent on getting Cody out before the double eviction. He knows if Cody won HOH and put him up, Production would save him if they had time. But in a DE, they wouldn’t be able to.

    Paul and the sheep vs 1 or 2 people every week is making for a boring game, though. I see a lot of the audience bailing after Cody leaves.

  • Joanna on

    Thank you for saying this. You represent so many people. I am so angry at so many levels. These people will actually admit they don’t care to play the game. So what’s the point then? To just watch Paul win? It’s so pathetic. Even the ones that show a shred of decency have disappointed me. None of them deserve 500,000. The show should just divided up and give it to the viewers to have to watch these despicable people.

  • Mooney on

    Also, the whole allowing Christmas to remain in the game…

  • Rita on

    Well said!! If ppl aren’t watching life feeds they really don’t know what’s going on because CBS has done the edit to favor Paul for TV!! Last season he wanted to win so he could buy his mom a Bentley! At this point I don’t care who wins this has been my least favorite season it is so hard to watch these idiots. Right now Mark is the only one in there that I even care about. Whenever I hear Paul or Alex voice I cringe!

  • Shay B on

    I wish BB would just do a season where the contestants just play with no influence from production. People can be petty on their own and can game play without interference from CBS. I would watch a season to see real players play on their own.

  • pillznarry on

    Pure TRUTH.

    EVERY single fucking WORD.

  • tonja on

    You are absolutely right, Paul has received more perks this season than any other returnee ever. You mentioned Jessie, but the same could be said for Jason Roy in BBOTT. He was only one vet, but he did not receive anything, insofar as advantages like Paul has been given in BB19. After Jason was nominated in week 1, he was not handed safety, he had to win POV and save himself! As you said, Paul was given the friendship bracelets and then basically made omnipotent for nearly a month! it’s ridiculous! I see peop[le saying what a great game Paul is playing and I can’t help but think a trained chimp would outplay this group! Not a one of them wants to actually win BB! They have all been playing for jury or to come in 2nd to Paul! What the hell has happened to BB? The cast of BB15 may have been awful, but at least each and every one of those HG wanted to win the game…the same cannot be said for these horrible losers! Just waiting for the season to be over already…oh, and if I see Christmas win another running comp with her broken foot, I just might break my own by drop kicking the TV across the room!!

  • Mary on

    As always, you are spot on. This season has been the worst for production manipulation. The game is deteriorating with each season. There has been no attempt at game play at all, except for Cody. Even in your season with America’s Player, you wouldn’t have won without using your own strategy to get to the end. There is none of that here. I miss the old days of BB when there wee different sides, switches of power, deals, and manipulation by the PLAYERS without personal attacks. This is the worst season of BB ever.

  • Pete on

    I think the season was really based off of the Paul arrogance VS. the Cody’s alpha male crap. Production knew this would be good drama that would probably last a through the summer. First goal was to keep Paul safe for 3 weeks, otherwise there is no show, after all, you can’t bring back a HG and have him get evicted immediately, it’s bad optics… done.
    Unfortunately, Cody, who was a shoe-in to last long competitive-wise, wasn’t able to stay in the game long enough. Create battle-back against competitors who wouldn’t have a shot at beating him in some comps… and for good measure, make the deciding comp one where you’re basically slinging hand-grenades to knock down targets (hmm… I wonder who was geared to win this)… done, Cody is back.
    Let’s give Jess a halting hex to make sure her supposed comp beast of a companion stays this time. Okay, turns out that even with the halting hex, Cody isn’t really the competition beast we’d thought he’d be… actually, he’s quite boring to watch at this point.
    Production focus switches back to Paul, because at least what he’s doing with his puppet master shit is dramatic and has all of us talking about how fucked up these people are. The push is in his direction until finale.
    That’s my theory.

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