Paul, the sheep and 101 advantages BB19

Jessie in BB11 was one returning player in a cast of all new players. Jessie got HOH, nothing more.

Paul has gotten more advantages than anyone who has ever played the game. Not by a little, but by A LOT!

Paul got secret safety for 3 weeks/4 evictions

Never before has safety been secret and it exposed Cody’s game, making him a target

AND…. Paul could still compete in HOH & POV. Again, something that has NEVER been done before.

Friendship bracelets, making half the house safe & giving him an alliance to start the game. Some of you try to tell me.. but the people who didn’t get the bracelets wanted him out. Bullshit, 5 minutes later Paul says, Sorry but I didn’t know you then, but now you’re my #1. And that was that.

The producers front loaded the season with comps Paul had won on BB17. They also included a comp he hosted on BBOTT. Paul was asking everyone to throw him the HOH for days before the HOH and magically the producers put in the only HOH comp ever, that other HG’s could actually help another person win HOH

The producers let a letter from home get to Paul, which was very obviously a coded letter.

They cast Raven who knew Paul prior to BB19.

Paul said on the feeds that the producers put the golden apple in the first comp for him.

This also doesn’t even mention the DR manipulation going on.

I like Paul last season and he should have won over Nicole, hands down, no question. But he came into this season with an over inflated ego that is out of control, which has made him a little dictator in the house and very unlikable. He treats people in his own alliance like shit. These idiots let him have their HOH etc…

This season is full of sheep, nothing but followers, not one of them will stand up to Paul (not counting Jody)

Paul has spent the entire first half of the game targeting one person, Cody. Because Cody was exposed for targeting Paul when Paul had the “secret” safety. He got his target out once, but has had an impossible time trying to get him out a 2nd time, even with 95% of the house playing for him. My daughter was with one of the worst alliances ever in BB13, yet got Brendon out twice in 3 weeks (I believe that is right)

Ask yourself this… If Paul was in Cody’s place the first week, would production have made him nominate 5 different HG’s? Or would they have called no eviction after Megan quit?

This season is so rigged for Paul it’s really hard to watch…

Has Paul played a good game? The answer is yes. But I think even some of the worst BB players ever could be controlling this season with all the advantages given to Paul.

What I used to love about Big Brother was that it was an even playing field. It’s not anymore. Powers weren’t handed out by the producers, under the guise of fake voting polls. Everyone had a chance at them. Remember in All Stars, when the Coup D’etat was up for grabs? Anyone could have won it, it wasn’t just given to whoever production wanted to push forward in the game.

I understand the producers want to keep their jobs, earning their enormous paychecks for the unforeseeable future, trying to insure they get ratings, ratings are money. So they try to help the game along, keeping in popular or controversial players in the game. But ever season they have gotten bolder and bolder with their advantages every season. It started with a comp do over in All Stars because Erika was going to target Janelle. Progressed in BB8 with America’s Player. Then letting Dan take a jury member on a helicopter ride to a private island. To Pandora’s Box, which was nothing but a production manipulation tool, to help players they wanted to push forward or fuck players they didn’t. And it goes on and on and gets worse every season…

Houseguests now have to use the double eviction as a way to do what they want without production interference. There is no time for DR’s to change someone’s mind, or get them to do something opposite of what they were planning to do. There is no time to throw in some kind of twist to save the player they have been trying to protect all season long.

The problem is, that instead of producing good winners, new school BB has now produced some of the worst winners in the game’s history.

There is no integrity left in the game.

When in BB14 when Frank was thinking of backdooring Dan. All of a sudden you see Dan in the DR saying 4 or 5 times, Frank could backdoor me, over and over. That is because the DR is constantly asking Dan if he thinks Frank will backdoor him. Not taking anything away from Dan, he’s a smart guy and I’m sure thought about it. But when the DR is pounding you over the head with it, you know something is up.

Guaranteed the DR worked these HG’s like a crackhead trying to get that last hit out of an empty pipe…



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