The Alpha Quadrant webcast

I started this on twitter and decided to delete it, as I didn’t want to create more drama with the webcast and between Aron and Garrett. But people saw bits and pieces of the tweets after I deleted it, so let me put it all here in one place so there will be no misunderstanding.

The webcast was my idea. I’ve been doing webcasts for about 11 years and had the template to create another from all my hits, misses and learning from my mistakes of software and hosting sites etc…

Let me cut to the chase here… We had something fun going on and I was really enjoying what we were doing, but little by little so much drama ensued with this webcast that it just wasn’t fun for me anymore and after months of doing it, when I really looked at things Aron was at the bottom of every bit of drama. It became overwhelming at times, with constant phone calls and complaining. I was basically the moderator within all of this and it got old.

When week after week and being very specific about when we are doing the next show, asking them to put it on their calendar right when we decided the day and time, yet week after week someone would have no idea when we were supposed to start, gets extremely annoying. When countless times I am left waiting to start the show and someone messages last minute saying they thought it was at a different time or day, leaving me hanging, it gets annoying as hell. I asked Aron to stop screwing around during our preshow meetings in order to keep everyone focused on what we were talking about and start times or days, but that upset him and he caused more drama over it. What made this thing come to a head was me waiting to start the show on a Saturday and last minute it was postponed for 3 hours. So I am now stuck at home waiting to get started and then again at the last minute the show was cancelled. So I spent my entire day getting set up and ready for the show, pulling clips, writing notes and all of that for a couple hours, left hanging for a few hours, then show cancelled and I was pissed that my entire day, again, was wasted.

I work with reality stars, the most dramatic people on the planet, yet the drama I deal with with them pales in comparison to the drama Aron brought into the show. It was never ending, it was always something. If a week went by without some kind of drama, it was almost a shock, Jarrod and I would laugh about there not being drama on any week there wasn’t, because it had become the norm. It was countless phone calls, usually Aron complaining about something or complaining about Garrett and his lack of presence on social media. Aron was messaging me constantly to get on Garrett, even when Garrett was making an effort and was doing well with it. Sometimes I would, sometimes I wouldn’t and would just tell him I did to quiet him down. It was neverending complaining.

Aron never took criticism well, ever. After doing an interview the person complained they felt Aron was continually cutting them off to try and get a “beer moment” joke in. They had no idea what he was talking about and they said something afterwards. He was talked to about it and said we were full of shit and immediately made a call to the Trek alumni (even though he was asked not to by the Trek alumni) to question them about it. Was embarrassing and very unprofessional.

Everything was an argument with Aron, not a discussion. When I told him I felt he was being dismissive of me and was talking over me, he would argue to the death that I was wrong. Instead of just saying, Sorry man, I didn’t mean to make you feel that way, I will pay more attention to it… he went on and on and on about how I was wrong and he was right. And this wasn’t just this time, it was every time with Aron.

It was exhausting…

Contracts were sent out before we even started the webcast. I signed and sent mine to both Aron and Garrett. Neither signed and sent me theirs. After that no show Saturday I made it clear that I wasn’t doing another show until they both signed and sent me their contracts. Garrett signed and sent me his while we were talking about it in the online meeting that followed that Saturday. Aron did not…. Garrett talked me into doing another show. I was so over Aron at this point that I agreed to do it, but I wouldn’t be on the show visually, just doing everything I do without being part of the discussion. After that show I made it clear that if until Aron signed his contract I wouldn’t be doing another show. Aron refused and at that point I told Garrett I wanted Aron fired. I had had enough.

I told Garrett that we could continue with another co-host OR that they could continue together and gave Garrett a very fair exit deal for me. It was up to Garrett what he wanted to do.

The last month Garrett has been swamped with cons, one after the other, as he was deciding what to do.

Aron knew this, nothing was hidden from him. This was not a secret, as he would have you believe. It was all out in the open and on the table in front of him.

The reason Aron was blocked from the twitter account was that Aron was threatening to sue us, even though he was the one to never sign the contract. He was throwing a fit. Calling all of us with threats. Demanding we take down every episode he was in off the site. Telling us he was going to trash us online and at cons. So in order for me to secure the accounts I took him off the Facebook page as an administrator and blocked him on twitter. I didn’t want anymore of his drama. I didn’t want him accessing the accounts and changing passwords, locking us out of our own accounts etc….

I have never talked shit about Aron. I have never tried to start any drama with Aron. I think Aron is a good guy, I just didn’t want to work with him anymore. Too much bullshit to deal with with Aron. I was over it.

Some of you tweeting me that Aron was treated unfairly or mistreated was actually laughable. Aron was given chances time and time and time again, but it was constant drama with him and I was over it.

So even though the show was my idea. I was the one who put up all the money to get it started. I put in the most work of anyone involved… I was willing to step out and let Aron and Garrett continue on without me. You guys are Trek fans and could give a shit about me, I know and understand this and that ok.

I tried to stay out of all of this drama after it all went down and I left Garrett alone to make his decision. But yet again, Aron started drama with his twitter post acting like this was all such a shock to him, which is utter and complete bullshit.

Everyone jumping on me on twitter when they know nothing of the backstory is why I decided to post the tweets I deleted and decided to put it all in one place here on my blog.

What I stated here is 1/1000th of the bullshit that went on. If I went into everything it would be a novel. I just covered the surface stuff, nothing more. If I went into everything, it would be a very bad look for Aron, but I am not here to bash him. I am just here trying to explain what happened and clear up the fact that Aron knew exactly what was going on at all times, was never ever kept in the dark about anything.

The twitter account has been dormant since this all went down. Nothing was changed on it or the facebook page because there was a chance that Garrett would want to continue with Aron. Nobody was using his image to promote the show, it was just left how it was.

I have always been a Star Trek fan, I watched TOS with my father when I was just a young kid. It was something that we used as bonding with each other. He would explain the parts I didn’t understand.

So it really bums me out that it all came to this. I love the work Aron did on DS9 and what he did with the Nog character and always will. He’s just too hard for me to work with, that’s all, nothing more. No hard feelings on my side. No animosity. I wish him well in the future, in whatever he does.

Garrett and I have been friends for probly around 14 years or so and he won’t be happy I wrote this. I hope to be friends with Garrett for many years to come. But I just felt like things needed to be said, since Aron is trying to play the victim here, when he is anything but…

Feel free to post all your hate to me in the comments section, just remember… Even though I could have just demanded Aron be fired, I didn’t. I let Garrett choose what he wanted to do and told him there would be no hard feelings if he chose to continue with Aron. Aron just couldn’t sit tight and wait for Garrett to get through all the cons and make a decision, instead taking to social media and playing the victim.



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