EvelDick’s FAQ’s

Q. Do you and Dani talk now?

A. No. We talked a bit before and after my Mother died & a couple texts, that’s it. We just don’t get along. Which is too bad, but that’s how life is sometimes. 


Q. Do I mind people asking about my personal relationship with my daughter? The shows over…

A. No, it was a big part of that season and people ask in a nice way, just wanting to know.


Q. Who do you still talk to from your season

A. Joe, Nick, Jameka, Carol


Q. Why don’t you talk to Jen?

A. Are you stupid? Did I give the impression I am fake in any way? She’s an idiot, so NO


Q. Would you ever play again?

A. No. I am done playing BB and done with TV


Q. I’ve seen you say there won’t be another All Stars. Why do you say that?

a) The first All Stars didn’t get ratings. BB8’s were much higher

b)   The producers constantly bitched about the All Star cast during the times I saw them before going into the house for BB8. Saying how they         didn’t listen. They had a hard time controlling them. They’d have sing outs until production would get them food from a restaurant.                     Blocking the feeds for hours. The jury left sequester and went to a bar. 

c) They want only a few at a time, so they are easier to control

d) See ratings comment. TV is all about money. They would play 60 min of commercials a day if they could get away with it

e) Would it really be an All Stars anyhow without Will, Dan, myself and a few others who won’t go back?


Q. Why do you block so many people on twitter

A. Twitter is supposed to be fun. I don’t deal with a bunch of bullshit from clowns that just want to talk shit.

    I don’t care if they think it is a badge of honor to be blocked. Those are people with so little going on in their pathetic little lives


Q. Which previous HG would you like to see return?

A. None, ever. I am sick and tired of returning players. And they always give them a month free pass in some way, shape or form, it might have      a different dress on, but it’s the same shit every time. And it’s unfair to new HG’s that have to play a month longer for the same prize money.


Q. Why did you leave BB13?

A. You must be living under a rock. I have talked about it on a VH1 show as well as a ton of interviews




Q. Who do you think is the best BB player of all time?

A. Dr. Will, without question. I know some of you say Dan. Dan is a great player, no doubt, but Will is #1 in my book.

     Dan got a month pass in BB14, and don’t give me that horse shit about they didn’t know they’d be going in the game, Bullshit! Janelle and Britney were talking about it the first night of the feeds, they all knew. That Dan could have been gone had his last person been booted before the reset, Bullshit! The producers would have moved it up. Will played without a month long pass. Played without a Veto in the game. Played an entirely different game the second time around and still made final 4, even getting Boogie there to win.


Q. So and so still won, so the are a winner, no matter what you say about them (more of a statement)

A. There are good winners and bad. There are legendary players and players you forget by the same seasons end.

Jordan, bad winner. Nice girl, but a bad winner. It’s like production did everything they could to give Jeff the win, he fumbled the ball on the 1 yard line & Jordan slipped on a banana peel and fell on it by accident.

Steve, who? Vanessa was the player that season. Hell, even Austin who not only got himself to the end, but the twins. Steve cried for his Mommy and snuck in like he was stealing a cookie after bedtime.

Nicole, bad winner. Paul outplayed her in every way that season, he should have won easily. Nicole layed in bed all fucking summer and did jack shit. Did I just say jack? Yes, well she did jack Corey’s (goat burning, wonky eyed, idiot) dick all summer while laying in bed. Even in the house Nicole admitted she hadn’t done anything, that she didn’t know how she would win. Paul on the other hand had to constantly change up his game. He’d have Victor, then gone, back, gone, three times. He floated when he had to, he made deals when he had to. He played the game. Nicole played with Corey’s dick.

Andy, wtf… Andy was the worst winner of the worst season with the worst final three in the history of the game. A winning trifecta. He might have won, but we all lost, just by watching that season. Andy’s strategy was that of a paranoid schizophrenic, running around busting into rooms to make sure no one was talking about him. Nobody even had the balls to tell the little cockroach to get the fuck out. Horrible, delusional Andy, worst winner ever.


Q. I think so and so will be another you (another statement)

A. There will never be another me. There will never be another Dr Will. There will never be another Dan, Janelle etc.. 


Q. What is your favorite season of Big Brother?

A. The one I won, of course. As a fan of the show since day 1. My favorite seasons are older seasons with less DR/production manipulation. All Stars and BB6 are my favorite seasons, followed by 2, 3 & 10.



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  • Kelly swanigan on

    It just really sucks I won’t see you on tv anymore but I respect your decision 😊😊😊😊😊😊

  • MorDylTy on

    Thanks for this. I have always appreciated your demeanor. Can always expect a raw honest answer from you. Great Q&A.

  • Nathan on

    Loved you as a Big Brother player! One of my all-time favourites. I do disagree with you on the Dan/Will thing. I think Dan is hands down the best player. <3

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